How to Use Lucky Patcher Android App or Apk After Download?

Lucky Patcher – It is just like the best gift for all android user, who’s are getting irritated by unwanted ads and popup notification and license of android apps. So folks as an android lover I know very well that we all have some irritating ads and popup notifications, and those are annoying. Then guys in this condition, we have a better solution for all those problems that is lucky patcher apk. Keep reading the article to know how to use lucky patcher app or apk on android after downloading.

Lucky patcher is an app that can allow you to remove any unwanted ads and popup notifications from our android smartphone. It will give you the full control over your apps and games that you have installed on your device. So folks, I think it is a useful app for every android lover, and we have to give a try to this amazing app.

How To Remove License Verification With Lucky Patcher?

  • Open Lucky Patcher and grant it root access to your Android Device.
  • Now you will see a list of application and also whether they have License Verification or not.
  • Select the app you want to remove the License Verification for.
  • Select “Open Menu of Patches”. Then select “Remove License Verification”.
  • Click on “Auto Mode”. Click on “Apply” and then relaunch Lucky Patcher to see if License App for that particular app is removed or not.

How To Remove Google Ads With Lucky Patcher?

Step 1: Root your Android device to start the process. You must root your device to get started. There are a lot of Root Tutorials are available on the Internet. But remember, the root process can be different in different devices. So search with your phone model for root tutorial.
Step 2: Download LUCKY PATCHER. For example, we’ll remove ads from a popular app “MX player”. Now It’s time to remove that ad!
Step 3: Open Lucky patcher app. After opening lucky patcher you will see that the app will load all the apps that installed on your device.
The app that has Google ads can be removed with Lucky patcher. Now select the app that you want to remove ads. For example we are removing ads from MX player. So we have pressed on that app.
Step 4: You will see a menu with different options. Now select the “Open menu of patches” to continue.
Step 5: Now you will see another menu. Press the “Remove Google Ads” to continue.
Step 6: On the next menu you will see two options. Just click on the “Patch to Remove Google Ads” button.
Step 7: On that menu you will find many options to remove ads. All you need to do is that pressing on the “Apply” button. Now wait for a while to patch the app.
After patching successfully, you will see a result with successful message. Congratulations! You have successfully remove ads from app. Now we will open the app that we have patched.

How To Custom Patch with Lucky Patcher?

  1. Once you’ve got the Lucky Patcher APK, Install it on your android device.
  2. Now, open Lucky Patcher and grant Root Access to your android device.
  3. Either close or Minimize the Lucky Patcher App and open the desired application in which you want to hack the in-app purchases or want to remove ads.
  4. Go to the store section of your desired app and try to buy anything. Once you’ll do this, lucky patcher window will open automatically.
  5. It will show you “Do you want to try to get this app for free?”. Click on “Yes”.
  6. Your application is now hacked. If your desired app is supported by Lucky Patcher, it will be successfully patched and your file will start downloading.
    NOTE: If the above steps are not working, proceed to the steps below for advanced patching of your app.
  7. Open Lucky Patcher App and search for Google Play Store.
  8. Select “Open Menu of Patches”. It’ll show you various lucky patcher custom patches such as clash of clash lucky patcher, graal era lucky patcher, google playstore lucky patcher etc.
  9. Select Playstore and then it’ll show you a warning message with “It is a system app”. Select “Ok”.
  10. Now, select “Custom Patches” and select “” and click on Apply.
  11. Restart your Android device and then follow again from Step 1 to Step 7.

To Change Permissions with Lucky Patcher?

  • Tap the name of the application/Software and select “Change Permissions”;
  • Tap to Permission for disable (red);
  • Tap to Permission for enable (green);
  • You must tap Apply (Reboot).

How To Create Modified APK?

  • Tap the name of the application/Software and select “Create Modified APK”;
  • Select Patch for Modification of APK;
  • Modified installation file will be in folder /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified/;
  • You should know that a rebuild APK file is not the same as the patch is already installed application. Since the as opposed to simply patch the application is very easy to test yourself to changes, and thus work correctly so fail the install will not.

Download Lucky Patcher For Android:

So folks after sharing every useful information about lucky patcher and its features this time we are going to share the best tutorial to download lucky patcher, so guys if you are looking for an easy and best instructional tutorial to download lucky patcher apk, then today you are at the best place here you will get the best tutorial to download lucky patcher apk for android. So guys why are you waiting for let’s get ready to check out our best tutorial by which you can easily download lucky patcher apk for android. Let’s give a look.
  • Go to you phone’s setting>security>allow unknown sources.
  • Now you need to download lucky patcher from this link.
  • Open file manager of your android device and click on the downloaded lucky patcher file.
  • Install the lucky patcher app on your phone.
  • That is all now just open lucky patcher app and enjoy it.

Features of Lucky Patcher App:

Lucky Patcher proved that it is a wonderful app that works on all android versions. There are too many features available in this app.An interesting feature of this app is that use can easily uninstall system installed/pre-installed apps just like google mapgoogle plushangout etc. You can use all its amazing features just by download and install lucky patcher apk for android.There are other alternatives to lucky patcher app in the market.But lucky patcher is better than any other app. After downloading this app on your phone, you will say I wish I would have known about this app before. Now, we will tell you some important features of lucky patcher app. Let’s check it out and enjoy this wonderful app.

  • This app removes ads from the application.
  • Kill the applications, which do not work properly.
  • Lucky patcher solves the error of device incompatibility.
  • The user can take a full backup of any application for future use.
  • The Update of applications and games is available, No need for checking update manually.
  • A user can make a customized patch with applications.
  • You can use modded play store on your phone.Through which, you can install those applications which do not have license verification.
  • The option of move apps and game from phone memory to SD Card is available.
  • Customize the applications permission on your Android device.

These are some common features of lucky patcher apk. You can find more feature through the download and install lucky patcher app.